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New Space!

The largest inventory of loudspeakers designed and manufactured for direct field acoustic testing (#DFAT or #DFAN) in its new warehouse. The team here has done an outstanding job to get this task done. LED by our general manager William Mueller the whole team joined in with Scott, Andrew, Max, Zachary, Geoff, Sully… what a #greatteam we have!! We continue to expand physically and we keep to expand the knowledge of DFAT for both us and the community! Multiple systems, multiple teams… we can be east and west at the same time! You tell us when and where, and we’ll be there! If you need to get your hardware qualified or tested to acoustic loading there is one-stop-shop to message:  Have a wonderful end of the year and an exciting 2024!! #dfat #dfan #largestinventory #technologyleaderahip #inventors

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