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Throwback Thursday

When it comes to Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAT), there aren’t many earth-shattering revelations. Instead, we’ve been perfecting the art and science of #DFAT since we pioneered it back in the '90s.

This snapshot is taken from some of our first systems way back in 2010, a time when #DFAT was considered "cool" and "new." 😉

Our customers appreciate our modular speaker designs because they can customize their test setups to meet specific technical specifications and requirements. Each test is unique; no two acoustic experiments are exactly the same!

So, how can a single acoustic test system meet all the possible combinations of unique requirements? It cannot.

We call that adaptability "personalization." It’s like getting a perfectly tailored Italian suit. Off-the-rack suits might suffice, but they lack that perfect fit. And "one-size-fits-all" solutions? They often fall short too.

Our low-frequency cabinets are intentionally separate from our mid-high and ultra-high frequency cabinets, by design. 

While we could, in theory, combine everything into a single cabinet unit, we’ve so far found that separating them allows us to better tailor the setup to meet the unique needs of our customers.

It’s not flashy or new—it’s simply what works! 

With over 200 successful qualifications and counting, our results speak for themselves.

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