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ESA European Service Module

🚀 Our friend Stephen Durrant at the European Space Agency - ESA shared fascinating insights in this article about the incredible work we did alongside the Orion and European Service Module teams. 

Ensuring that the #ISS astronauts sharing the same building as the #Orion module itself (the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building) got enough sound sleep prior to their launch was an interesting Assembly, Integration & Test (AI&T) requirement to work around... Waking up our neighbors would have been bad! 🤫👩‍🚀👨‍🚀 

The teams conducted acoustic tests involving a range of frequencies from 25Hz to 10,000Hz, generating a remarkable 140dB of noise! 

The power behind this test was astounding: 110 subwoofers driven by a massive 8500-watt amplifier, totaling nearly 1 million watts just for the subs! 

The mid/high speakers add another 3 million watts, all powered by a 1 MegaWatt generator. 

Talk about some serious #DFAT hardware! 😎 

Check out the full story and more details here: 

🔊 Here's a photo from the DFAT testing at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Credit: NASA.

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