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🛰️ Satellite Environments Testing: Capabilities for South American Industry 

👉 Lowered barriers to entry and new competitive advantages are now available to South American industry, made possible through cutting-edge innovations provided by global industry and academic partners for satellite environments testing and analysis.

This virtual event is designed for engineering professionals, researchers, and academics in the South American space industry, who are keen to learn about the latest advancements in environmental testing for spacecraft and satellite technologies.

📌 Universidad Nacional de San Martín and the South American Space Industry 

🗣️ Gabriel Andres Sanca

📌 New Proven Methods for Satellite Launch Certification to Lower Barriers to Entry

🗣️ Alex Carrella

📌 Ensuring Mission-Critical Spacecraft Performance Through Experimentation

🗣️ Al Prosuk & Chris Sensor

📆 Jueves, 11 Julio 15:00-16:30 hs

Modalidad: virtual

Inscripción previa. Regístrate en el QR.

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